so listen up because i think in the midst of all this final stage madness we need to appreciate one rider

jens voigt

this guy is amazing

he’s taken part in seventeen tour de france grand tours, been in countless breakaways, won over 24 stages and is an absolute cutie.

not to mention…

The Jens voight soundboard is a thing f wonder

  • rowena: i'm looking over the plans
  • godric: yeah
  • rowena: what's this weird series of rooms accessible only by a hatch in a room on the right hand side of the third floor corridor
  • godric: oh that's for if we ever need to hide a priceless artifact for some reason
  • rowena: why would we hide a priceless artifact in a school
  • godric: safest place
  • rowena: fucking is it though?? there's a giant snake somewhere
  • [in the distance]
  • salazar: there's no snake you are wrong stop being wrong